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1961 Wurlitzer 2504

This customer was so keen to have his machine, the room wasn’t even finished.

It will be a great focal point when everything is decorated !!

Rock Ola 1454 Restoration

We don’t normally post machines half finished but we thought we’d show off these lovely original sides on this 1454 that we have managed to retain making this restoration as close to factory finish as we can possibly achieve. This machine is available to purchase now and more pictures will follow.


It’s Been A Busy Week !!

This weeks second Wurlitzer 1900 successfully delivered and installed into a very happy customers home. This one was finished in black which would have been an option to operators from the Wurlitzer factory back in 1956.

Excellent Addition To Anybodies Games Room

The first of two fully restored Wurlitzer 1900’s to be delivered this week, this one taking it’s proud place amongst other classic memorabilia in the customers collection.


Wurlitzer 1800 In It’s New Home

Another happy client with her 1800, it was played so loud that I could still hear it in the car outside !!!

We Love These Wurlitzer 2300 Jukeboxes

We love the styling of these 1959 Wurlitzer jukeboxes and so do our customers. This is one of seven that we are restoring and delivering and you can see why they like them.

The Regis 200 Really Is A King Amongst Rock Ola Jukeboxes

And our customer agrees as he is blown away by the sound on this 200 selection 1961 Rock Ola Regis that we recently delivered.

We say welcome to the 60’s.

The Beautiful 1940’s

There is no doubt that the machines Wurlitzer produced during the 1940’s are some of the most beautiful Jukeboxes ever seen and this Wurlitzer 1100 is no exception. Fully restored and sounding so mellow and rich but only playing 24 78rpm records they are a little limited in their choice of tunes. Even the most hardened Glenn Miller fan can get a little bored so we solved that problem for this customer by fitting one of our bluetooth receivers and now she can play all of her favourite music through the valve amp and 15″ speaker on this iconic Jukebox.

Another Wurlitzer 2000

This beautiful 1956 Wurlitzer 2000 has been delivered to it’s new home, looking and sounding great, especially done in black as requested by the customer. Just stunning.

Wurlitzers Aren’t Just From The 1950’s

Another happy customer recently took delivery of this 1966 Wurlitzer 3010. It may not be as visual as the 1950’s models but is still an imposing piece of jukebox history with a big sound to match.