Rock Ola Regis 120

We’ve been busy restoring and delivering and have neglected the News Feed for a while so I thought it’s time to share something with you all.

We didn’t get pictures of the AMi H200, Wurlitzer 1700, 1800 and 2300, NSM Satellite’s and City 2 or the Rock Ola 1448 that we have delivered since Christmas but here is a beautiful Rock Ola Regis we delivered 2 weeks ago to another happy customer.


The Last Delivery of 2016

This Rock Ola 1448 was the last of our 2016 deliveries. It blew a fuse on Christmas Eve and our engineer John from JBS Jukebox Services saved the day yet again, making sure that the Christmas season was full of music for this happy customer.

Just In Time For The Party

This NSM Prestige was delivered just before we closed for Christmas and new year and promptly sheared it’s clutch shaft before New Years Eve but our engineer went and got the customer up and running again for the big party. Thanks to John from JBS Jukebox Services and this little juke, we made sure the party was really rocking.

Party Time With The Baltic

This is a great little 1970’s Deutsche Wurlitzer Baltic we delivered just in time to play all those Christmas tunes and get the New Years Party going.


Christmas Comes Early in Dublin

This beautiful Rock Ola Empress was recently delivered and installed by us to a customer just outside Dublin.

Built in 1962 these were the last of the truly collectable visual play Rock Ola’s.

Rest assured the Craic will be Mighty at their house this Christmas.

A Shiny Wurlitzer 1800 for Christmas

What a treat for the festive season. Just what a house needs to brighten up those winter nights.

This Wurlitzer 1800 will certainly added a little extra magic to Christmas dinner.


70’s Wurlitzer Fun for Christmas

These jukeboxes are not all 1950’s Chrome and lights. Wurlitzer made some of the most reliable jukeboxes of all time in their German factory and this is a lovely example of a Deutsche Wurlitzer Niagara that we have recently delivered. Wham’s Last Christmas will sound perfect played on this for the seasons festivities.



Another Happy Customer

This restored Rock Ola Capri went to it’s new home recently, playing all of the 60’s classics in keeping with it’s 1963 heritage. A great visual play jukebox without the heavy price tag of those 1950’s Wurlitzers.

imag1731 imag1732 imag1734

One Small Step For A Continental One 200

‘Over the moon’ is how our engineer described the customer in Cheltenham who took delivery of this beautifully restored AMi Continental One 200.

More popular than ever, these space race inspired jukeboxes really are out of this world.

Beautiful Rock Ola 1448 Delivered

A customer in Lancashire was over the moon when he took delivery of this fully restored Rock Ola 1448. A beautiful machine and undervalued in our opinion, as everyone seems to want a Tempo, Regis or Empress. The customer even had a Wallbox that our engineer fitted and wired up, such a great touch of vintage beauty to this house.

We currently have another 1448 available in the shop, give us a call on 01384 424325 if you are interested.

IMAG1447 IMAG1452 IMAG1449