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Wurlitzer 1900

Another 1900 delivered to a very happy customer and looking and sounding fantastic in their house.

Rock Ola Tempo II – 200

We recently restored and delivered this lovely original Rock Ola Tempo II -200.

70’s Wurlitzer Niagara

A colourful Wurlitzer Niagara that looks great in the customers house.

Not everything has to be a classic !!!

Wurlizer 2300

This Wurlitzer 2300 is a fantastic addition to this customers conservatory


Wurlitzer 2100

Another fantastic Wurlitzer 2100 delivered to another happy customer.

Our Latest Container Has Arrived

We unloaded our latest container from the states and have a shop full of unrestored machines ready for someone to snap up. 8 jukeboxes were already sold and two of the Wurlitzer 1700’s that arrived are already in bits being restored. It’s always busy here!

Our New Jukebox Bluetooth Adaptor

We can finally reveal our bluetooth kit for your 1950’s Wurlitzers, available now from our website.

        • Easily fitted and removed with no modifications needed.
        • Fully integrated and automatic without affecting the operation of your jukebox.
        • Designed to be adaptable for other makes and models.

I know you are asking why… but why not realise the full potential of the most expensive piece of audio equipment you have probably ever bought.

Take a look at the details on our website:

Anyone Need a Beautifully Restored Wurlitzer 2100 or Rock Ola 1454

We have just added a Wurlitzer 2100 (NOW SOLD) and a Rock Ola 1454 to our Restored Jukeboxes page and they are both available now.

The 1957 Wurlitzer 2100 is a machine that we restored a few years ago and have now bought it back from the customer. It will need to be run through our workshop but is as good as the day it left us, other than a little dusty.(NOW SOLD)

The 1956 Rock Ola 1454 has just been through a complete restoration in our workshop and is playing beautifully in our showroom.

Click on the Restored Jukeboxes link to see more pictures.

If either machine is of interest then please give us a call on 01384 424325.

Unrestored Jukebox Stock Updated

We have updated our unrestored jukeboxes page to reflect new stock that we are putting in our American warehouse ready for shipping early next year.

Below are a few examples of the machines that we already have.

Take a look and let us know if there is anything you are interested in, it is already selling!!

Wurlitzer 1700 HF

This beautiful mid 50’s classic has just left our workshop to re-homed with it’s new owner in Stratford.