Beautiful Rock Ola 1448 Delivered

A customer in Lancashire was over the moon when he took delivery of this fully restored Rock Ola 1448. A beautiful machine and undervalued in our opinion, as everyone seems to want a Tempo, Regis or Empress. The customer even had a Wallbox that our engineer fitted and wired up, such a great touch of vintage beauty to this house.

We currently have another 1448 available in the shop, give us a call on 01384 424325 if you are interested.

IMAG1447 IMAG1452 IMAG1449


Another Container Due By The End Of August

Well the container is making it’s way across the Atlantic Ocean as we speak. All of the jukeboxes that are available for restoration are in the unrestored jukeboxes section of the website so take a look.

We squeezed a Wurlitzer 2100 on at the last minute, one of the most desirable 50’s Wurlitzers ready for restoration. If this is what you are looking for give us a call.

W2100 010716 (2)

We’ve Updated Our Restored & Unrestored Jukeboxes Sections.

Click on the link below to take a look at our restored jukeboxes as we have added a couple of machines that are almost finished. They are available now, contact us for details:

Restored Jukeboxes

We have also added a few jukeboxes to the unrestored jukeboxes section so click on the link below to take a look. They will be arriving from the states on our next container at the end of July. Take a look and let us know whether there is anything you are interested in.

Unrestored Jukeboxes

Beautiful Wurlitzer 1700 delivered to another happy customer

Another happy customer takes delivery of his 1954 Wurlitzer 1700. What a beauty, my personal favourite, I love those fat pilasters that hark back to those days of the 78 playing golden age stunners.

We have a few more of these arriving from the USA soon so if you are interested in owning a piece of American history then let us know.





Sometimes It’s A Tight Squeeze

John, our delivery engineer was determined this juke would fit in it’s allocated corner. After removing the handles on the kitchen cupboards and jacking it up on a pallet truck to clear the sink and island, it fitted very snugly into it’s corner.
Another satisfied customer now has his fully restored 1959 Wurlitzer 2310 exactly where he wanted it.








Beautiful Wurlitzer 1800 delivered to it’s new Derbyshire home

This 1955 Wurlitzer model 1800 looks beautiful even in it’s modern surroundings. The timeless design of these jukeboxes works in any environment, whether you are stuck in the 50’s or living in modern minimalism, they are still stunning.

Lacy 1800 (2) Lacy 1800 (3) Lacy 1800 (4)

Lacy 1800

Another Tempo One 120 Delivered

Another happy customer received this beautiful 1959 Rock Ola Tempo One 120. Such iconic jukeboxes.

Powell Tempo One 120 (2) Powell Tempo One 120 (3) Powell Tempo One 120

Another Wurlitzer 2300 delivered today

We delivered this Wurlitzer 2300S to another happy customer today. This one was a good original cabinet with a complete internal restoration including a fitted ‘Missing Link’ bluetooth kit. We still stripped and cleaned the cabinet completely and it looks just as good as it sounds!



The Run Up To The Bank Holiday Was Busy (Part 3)

This Fully Restored Wurlitzer 2300 looks as good in the customers modern home as it did in the American Diner back in the day. Still rockin after all these years.

2300 010316 (2) 2300 010316

The Run Up To The Bank Holiday Was Busy (Part 2)

This Fully Restored Rock Ola Tempo Two 200 really got the house rockin this weekend after it was delivered to a very happy customer. This one had a great original operator sticker on the glass which tells you to call ‘Graceland’ for service. The King still lives!


Tempo Two 200 010316 Tempo Two 200 010316 (3) Tempo Two 200 010316 (2)